Mytheresa opens state-of-the-art distribution center at Halle/Leipzig Airport for future multi-year growth and service expansion



  • New 55,000 square meter cutting-edge distribution center strengthens Mytheresa as a global leader in luxury
  • Unique partnership with DHL, resulting in 20% of orders being shipped a day ahead thanks to its air hub late night direct injection
  • Significantly faster delivery to the US with next day delivery ratio to the East Coast increasing up to 30%
  • Better service for customers in Asia Pacific with orders processed until 11 pm CET on Satur- days
  • Long-term commitment to the region of Saxony, Germany, with over 1000 job opportunities created by 2030

MUNICH (October, 2023) – Leading luxury e-commerce platform Mytheresa has recently opened its new distribution center at Halle/Leipzig Airport in Germany, reinforcing its global fulfillment network and setting the stage for expansive growth. This investment represents a significant milestone for Mytheresa, as it demonstrates the company's dedication to expanding its capabilities and strengthen- ing its position as a global leader in the luxury e-commerce business.

Michael Kliger, Mytheresa CEO, says: “Our new, state-of-the-art distribution center at Leipzig airport lays the foundations for future multi-year growth and service expansion for our business. It aligns per- fectly with our strategic vision and strengthens Mytheresa's position as a global leader in luxury.”

Sebastian Dietzmann, Mytheresa COO, says: “We are constantly improving our operations to provide a unique customer experience. The new facility will not only dramatically improve our service thanks to its unique location in direct adjacency to the international air freight hub of DHL, but it will also pro- vide ample capacity for the future growth of our business. We are improving speed, flexibility and cost, while we position Mytheresa for operational excellence.”

The new 55,000 square meter state-of-the-art distribution center will complement Mytheresa’s ex- isting one in Munich. It also includes a 1,300 square meter digital production studio meticulously designed to expertly capture the most sought-after and curated luxury edit. Through the opening of the new distribution center, Mytheresa is scaling its operational excellence to serve customers even better, and manifesting its reputation as a leading digital luxury multi-brand destination.

  • The Location: One of Mytheresa’s core values is to serve luxury customers all over the world with an unparalleled customer journey and By selecting Halle/Leipzig Airport as the loca- tion for the new distribution center, Mytheresa strategically positions itself to reap the benefits of the proximity to the adjacent Cargo Airport and its superb infrastructure, ultimately improving the cus- tomer's shopping experience and offering the flexibility that defines the essence of luxury shopping with Mytheresa. This choice of location significantly enhances Mytheresa’s global competitiveness and growth potential, ensuring streamlined international shipping, expedited deliveries and returns, and further reinforcing Mytheresa’s unwavering commitment to unique customer service through swift and efficient order processing. The new location brings forth a host of specific advantages and later cut-off times for international orders and customers in the United States, with a specific US lane that will significantly cut delivery times to the US, increasing next day delivery ratio to the East Coast up to 30%. For Asia Pacific, Mytheresa now offers weekend service, with orders processed until 11 pm CET on Saturdays.
  • The Partnership with DHL: The strong and long-lasting partnership with DHL Express is crucial, with the logistics company providing late feeding into its network at Halle/Leipzig, even shortly before departure and on weekends, offering maximum flexibility for Mytheresa and extremely fast response times to customers’ DHL’s air hub late night direct injection means that Mytheresa will be able to ship one day in advance a minimum of 20% of all orders. Also returns can now be processed faster since they will be delivered directly by DHL to Mytheresa’s distribution center, without interme- diary processing at DHL’s warehouse. Consequently, Mytheresa will be able to process refunds faster through lead time reduction of up to 24 hours, plus return deliveries on Saturdays. Mytheresa will further still provide same day delivery to Munich and next day delivery to other German cities and most European destinations.
  • The Commitment: By selecting Leipzig as the site for its newest distribution center in Ger- many, Mytheresa demonstrates a resolute dedication to the local community. Around 270 employ- ees have already been hired and a grand total of over 1,000 job opportunities will be generated at the location by the year 2030. Mytheresa is dedicated to cultivating a secure working environment, minimizing physically demanding tasks, such as heavy lifting, ensuring a clean workspace, maintaining equitable work hours, offering an in-house canteen, and providing complimentary public transporta- tion passes to its staff.

The facility, with state-of-the-art automated pick tower, conveyor, and packaging systems, not only equips Mytheresa with the capability to handle larger order volumes, but also enhances overall the efficiency of fulfillment processes. Ultimately it sets the foundation for future multi-year growth and service expansion of the business.

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